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November 28th, 2012
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Homemade Christmas Cards

You may wonder why you would want to go to the effort of making homemade Christmas cards because there are so many cheap alternatives to buy in the shops or online. However, there are a lot of great reasons why you would want to do this and this article highlights some of them.

A homemade card can show that you are really thinking of someone. You can make an individual card for each person you are sending a card to and make it suit them exactly. This can be difficult to do with cards you buy as sometimes you just can’t get the right verse and picture together, or there may be nothing that is really suitable for the person who you are buying for.

Card making materials are no longer only available in craft shops. You can get them everywhere from supermarkets to discount shops and in a lot of pages on the Internet. It is advisable to search around for what you want as there is a large variety in price and quality and if you want to make really special cards you might want to go to a specialist retailer. With the huge variety of materials available there will be something suitable for any design you choose.

If you want to make a card yourself but aren’t sure what design you might want to do there are lots of different cards on the Internet. You can search for cards with all kinds of different designs and there is loads of inspiring ideas for you to choose from.

If you think you might be limited to what you can make but there are lots of options for handmade cards. You could paint it, draw it or use some of the card making materials on the market. There are cut outs or stickers that are ready made for you to put on. If you want to do more yourself you can buy machines for embossing or die cutting out shapes to make things to stick on there. You can even print out photos of your family and decorate around it to make a personal card.

When you design your own card you are also free to put in a personal message. You can use websites to find an appropriate poem, or you can make up a verse yourself. Alternatively you can just write a short message and decorate the inside of the card as well. You could use the inside of the card to write a few paragraphs of family news and events that have happened over the past year or so.

When you create your own cards you will putting your own personal touch on them and you can tailor them to the recipients. There are lots of advantages of making your own. You can make them to the exact design that you want and put in your own choice of message too. It will show that you have made a real effort with your cards rather than just signing a shop bought one.

I found this really cool YouTube video showing some homemade design ideas.


November 27th, 2012
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What To Write In A Christmas Card

Writing and sending Christmas cards each year to family, friends, and other loved ones, is a great way to say hello and to share your love during the holiday season, especially if your loved ones are also celebrating Christmas themselves. Whether you have decided to make all of the Christmas cards you plan to send out yourself or if you are just looking for ideas on what to write in a Christmas card that you have purchased, there are a few routes you can take depending on your relationship with the recipient and also your own personality and the message you want to relay.

Writing a Christmas card from scratch can be heartfelt and just off of the top of your head, but it can also include simply handwritten or printed quotes that are famously known during the holiday season.

Some famous quotes that work well when writing your own Christmas cards include quotes by both Winston Churchhill, Benjamin Franklin, Leonard Maltin, and even Garrison Keillor. Quotes are useful for sharing a specific message about the holiday season whether it is about giving or the meaning of Christmas and the origin of the holiday as a whole.

Lets take a look at some thoughtful sayings to put in your card:

  • “Merry Christmas and we hope you have a happy New Years”
  • “Happy Holidays, with love”
  • “Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!”
  • “Seasons Greetings!”
  • “Merry Christmas to you and your family”
  • “May God fill your life with love, joy and peace this holiday season.”
  • “From our hearts to yours!”

What To Write In A Christmas CardAlthough it is possible to add quotes from those famous in the past, you can also write simple messages such as “Merry Christmas and we hope you have a happy New Years!” and “Happy Holidays. With Love”. There are no rules or limits when making your own Christmas cards and it is even possible to write a small message within all of the cards you are planning to send out, including a personal note to the person or the household the card is directed towards. Say hello and tell your family and friends you wish them happy holidays and the best of luck for the upcoming year in the future. Include family photos of your own family if you have them to send within the Christmas card to spread the joy of your family regardless of the distance you have between you and those you are sending Christmas cards to. You can also add a simple “Merry Christmas” to your card while including photos or handwritten letters to the recipient of the card during the holidays.

If you want to get creative when writing Christmas cards, you can write your own rhyming poetry or you can use a traditional Christmas poem to share your own holiday cheer. Finding Christmas poetry is free to do and only takes a few minutes by using online poetry communities and networks that focus on Christmas and other holidays during the year.

Adding your own spin on Christmas with a personal message inside of your Christmas cards is a way to make memorable cards that will last a lifetime and that are not generic and store-bought. By taking the time to add and write your own special messages in your cards, you show those you love that you really care and that you have taken the time to show them that during the holiday season.



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November 24th, 2012
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Free Christmas Card Images

I found a really good source for several free Christmas related images that you can use for your homemade Christmas cards. You will need to register to download these, but that should only take a minute or two. Be sure to check out other free images on stock.xchng as they have some really nice images that you can use on all kinds of projects. Post a comment below if you have other good resources for Christmas cards, or any other free stock art resources that we may find useful.


View more Christmas related images from stock.xchng. Note: we are not affiliated with stock.xchng (http://www.sxc.hu)